Xero – Platinum Partner

We are proud to be a Platinum Partner with one of the most innovative and life-changing accounting software programs to enter the marketplace and many of our clients are enjoying the benefits of Xero. From your phone you can check your cashflow, send out invoices, process payments, reconcile your bank account and track sales and purchases. You can view and share interactive reports and budgets in real time – no need to wait until the end of the month.

As a Platinum Partner with Xero, Kothes Accounting Group is able to offer fantastic deals only available through us, for individuals and businesses. Our staff are trained to help you transfer your data and set up your new Xero account, and we provide quick and efficient support if you have problems along the way.

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A quick overview of the packages available:

  • Ledger –  A baseline for managing our client’s core financials like key records and year-end reports.
  • Cashbook – Helping our clients  manage their cash while we manage your books. Using the same data anytime, anywhere.
  • Business edition – Our clients have total control of their finances and we get all the data we need for returns and advice.