What We Do

Accounting professionals who care about you and your financial future

Kothes Accounting Group is here to help you plan, implement and achieve your financial goals. Our qualified team of chartered accountants takes an active interest in all our clients’ and provide solutions and strategies to improve profitability, minimise tax and create and preserve wealth.

We provide specialist advice in all areas of accounting, audits and assurance, business development, superannuation and financial planning and tax planning across a range of industries including primary production, tourism, building and construction, registered clubs, aged care, retail, not for profits, indigenous organisations and property development.

Director Gary Skelton is the only SMSF specialist on the NSW South Coast. Being a Chartered Accountant Self Managed Super Fund Specialist is much more than a highly sought-after recognition endorsed by a certificate. It connects you with a select peer group of SMSF specialists who you can share invaluable ideas, contacts and experiences.  More and more Australians are opting to go to a SMSF to help manage their retirement, and it’s important that they have access to quality, accurate advice. This formal, Institute-recognised specialisation enables Chartered Accountants to enhance their knowledge, experience and skills, and will ensure SMSF trustees have access to the advice they desire.

Kothes Accounting Group can also help you with buying or selling a business as well as everyday procedures and professional accounting advice that helps you maximise your time and reach your financial goals.


At Kothes Accounting Group, we do a lot more than just accounting and tax. Because we aren’t just interested in the black and white facts and figures (although we do keep a very close eye on those for you!). We get to know who you are, what you do, how you go about your financial...

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Audits & Assurance

Kothes Accounting Group’s specialist and experienced CA auditors provide independent, professional and efficient business audit services. The Audit and Assurance team works closely with sporting clubs, community groups, registered clubs, aged care, Australian charities and not for profit commission entities, government and semi-government agencies and indigenous organisations. Kothes areas of expertise in audit and assurance...

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Professional business development advice

Business Development

Managing a business without a plan is like jumping out of a plane without a parachute. Sounds dramatic, but it’s true. Every business venture involves risk and travelling into the unknown – but as accountants we like to make sure that your business has a safety net and can achieve plenty of rewards. With one...

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Financial Planning

Are you racing through life with the same financial plan you’ve had in place since you were single and in your 20s? Have you reached your 40s and not bothered to update or change your financial plan because you’ve been so caught up in your marriage, children, mortgage, business ventures, travel and everything else that’s on...

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What are your plans for retirement? Are you planning to sell everything, buy a Winnebago and hit the road? Or do you have plans to travel the world? Are you on a rural property and working through a succession plan with younger family members and retiring into town? Or are you staying exactly where you...

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Tax Planning

Who loves tax? Kothes Accounting Group of course! Our chartered accounting firm lives and breathes tax. Every single day. We have to, because our businesses and clients are trying to navigate their way through one of the most complex taxation systems in the world. It is our responsibility to our clients to stay abreast of...

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Our Specialties

When you are looking for the right chartered accounting firm, you need to know if that firm knows you and your business. At Kothes Accounting Group we have five directors and highly qualified staff who between them specialise in a broad range of industry sectors. We are proud of the depth and breadth of our...

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