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Andrew Blaxter

Andrew Blaxter’s number one tip for businesses is to touch base with their chartered accountant before making a major business decision. He encourages all businesses to hold off on signing contracts, restructuring or purchasing new equipment until after they’ve spoken to their accountant because:

  • Your decisions could impact on your tax.
  • There might be better options available that your accountant can help you set up.
  • It’s a lot simpler to work through these matters before paperwork is signed rather than pick up the pieces later.

 Business planning

Problem solving is Andrew’s favourite aspect of accounting. “When a client brings in their file it is not as simple as making numbers reconcile – it’s about looking into their business more closely.”

He says one of the most challenging yet rewarding aspects of accounting is that it is ‘very forensic’. “There could be a problem where you need to apply tax law and case law, and interpretation of the law can result in different answers for different sets of circumstances.”

Watching businesses grow

Andrew, who started at Kothes in 1996, says working in a firm with six directors and almost fifty skilled staff was a big advantage for solving complex problems for both small and large businesses.

Seeing home-grown businesses his clients have started from scratch grow into large, highly successful businesses is one of the most rewarding aspects of his career.

“You meet lots of interesting and business-savvy entrepreneurs and I get a lot of satisfaction from helping them along by giving advice and setting things up so they can run their finance and accounting more easily.”