Software & Training

Accounting software is improving all the time, particularly cloud accounting software. As we integrate smartphones, tablets and technology into every aspect of our lives, the transition for individuals and businesses to online accounting programs is becoming smoother and simpler every day.

At Kothes Accounting Group, we are embracing this new technology as our business systems change and evolve. We are reducing our environmental footprint by becoming a paperless office and improving the security and storage of the highly confidential information we hold for our clients by transferring all our records into a secure online storage space.

So what does this mean for our clients? By us being at the forefront of the latest technology, software and training, we can also put you at the forefront.

With businesses reporting significant time savings through cloud accounting programs, we are strong advocates for recommending you look at your accounting system and talking to us about whether there might be a better way.

Time is money, and time saved is money saved.


Kothes is a Gold Partner with Xero, a program that allows you to check your cashflow, send out invoices, process payments, reconcile your bank account and track sales and purchases from your mobile device. Xero also allows you to view and share reports and budgets in real time, meaning you don’t have to wait until the end of the month to know where you are at with your business and cash flow.

Our cloud accounting specialist staff members are trained to help you transfer your data and set up your new Xero account, and we provide quick and efficient support if you encounter any problems.


Other cloud accounting programs

MYOB,  Reckon and Quickbooks are also improving their cloud accounting programs, and Kothes Accounting Group can work with you to decide the best and most cost-effective cloud accounting option for your business.

Not in the cloud?

Cloud-based accounting systems aren’t for everyone, and changing to a cloud-based system is not always an option. We have extensive knowledge of all accounting software, cloud and non-cloud, and our professional staff provide technical support and training for whatever accounting system you use.