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Paul English

Chartered Accountant

Paul English has worked at Kothes for 20 years and enjoys the variety the accounting industry offers.

His number one tip is to keep your accounting records in order so when you are audited, it is easier for someone else to follow. He also encourages people to utilise online accounting programs that automate bank feeds as much as possible, as it will save them a lot of time.

Audit and Assurance

Paul works in the Audit and Assurance division of Kothes and spends much of his working week travelling to visit clients from Nowra to Canberra to Mallacoota and in-between.

He works with:

  • Registered clubs
  • Schools
  • Non-listed public companies
  • Many types of non-for-profit entities which are audited annually

Auditing myth

Paul says a myth regarding auditing is that audit queries should wait until the year-end audit. It is better to address them straight away.

“We are only a phone call or email away if something comes up which might impact on the end of year audit. By acting on it as soon as possible it can prevent further issues from arising and makes the auditing process a whole lot more efficient for both the client and the auditors.”

Another area of expertise is salary sacrifice arrangements and employee Fringe Benefits Tax.

He places a high value on good relationships with his clients as they result in Kothes being able to provide a better outcome and better service.