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Cassie Schofield

Chartered Accountant

Cassie’s number one tip for people looking to change the way they manage their superannuation is to include their tax accountant and financial planner in the same conversation.

“Any time is a good time to have a fresh look at how your superannuation is set up but when you do, I recommend including your tax accountant and your financial planner because they can work together to minimise the amount of tax you pay while helping ensure your superannuation provides for you in later years.”

Self-managed super funds

Cassie works in the Kothes Bega, Merimbula and Eden offices and has been working at Kothes since 2002. She specialises in self-managed super funds and is part of the Kothes Financial Planning team.

Cassie is a fully qualified chartered accountant with a diploma in financial planning and enjoys the ever-changing nature and fast pace of the industry.

“I love working with people who want to invest their money for their future and it’s very rewarding to see the results when they take control of their superannuation and manage it the way that suits them.”

Superannuation software advances

Cassie says advances in superannuation software enable the Kothes Financial Planning team to:

  • Be more productive.
  • Offer an increased suite of services to clients.

She also relishes in the challenges the complexity of legislative changes in the superannuation industry present.

“We spend a lot of time keeping abreast of legislation all so we can work with the changes to deliver the best possible outcome for our clients.”