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Robyn Alcock

Robyn Alcock says businesses who keep on top of their tax and accounting are steps ahead of the rest. Her number one tip is to make a quick email or phone call if you have a query because it could be the difference between a smooth reconciliation and a disaster.

  • The tax and accounting industry is constantly changing so it’s important to stay on top of how changes affect you.
  • If you encounter a finance, tax or accounting issue in your business, most of the time it can be resolved without too much trouble.
  • With today’s technology it is a lot easier to get in touch with your accountant quickly, and we always encourage people to ask rather than try and do something which could result in problems down the track.

Work and study

Robyn’s accounting career kicked off during Year 12 when she did work experience at Kothes. She took the opportunity in 2003 to stay in her home region in a job where she could work and study university.


Robyn has completed training to become a Reckon Accredited Partner, one of her favourite accounting programs.

“Different types of businesses suit different programs, so it’s a matter of finding which one is the best fit for you. I’ve always loved Reckon for its reporting but we need to know how to use every single accounting program so we can look after all our clients no matter which one they use.”