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Jenni Nichols

Jenni Nichols, one of the longest serving employees at Kothes, has seen some incredible advances in technology and changes to the accounting industry but one thing has always remained the same – it is essential for people to keep their records up to date.

“My number one tip for clients is, and always has been, keep up to date. It’s so easy to fall behind and that can create all sorts of problems in trying to catch up.”

Cloud-based and paperless

Today’s cloud-based accounting and paperless offices are a far cry from when Jenni and other secretarial staff would fill in the cash book ledger by hand. They would then put them with cheque books and bank statements and courier them to Bega where someone would enter the data into the single computer.

“Things are getting quicker and quicker and it makes things a lot easier to manage for our clients. Going from paper to paperless means everyone is a lot more organised.”

A talent for numbers

Jenni’s career progression stems from her long-held talent for numbers; she can rattle off a long list of people’s phone numbers that she knows by heart. She has extensive experience across all aspects of accounting and is valued for her broad knowledge.


Jenni says the relationship between an accountant and their client is special. “Your clients are sharing financial and personal information with you on a regular basis. Confidentiality and an extensive knowledge of accounting and tax are extremely important because they need to know you are going to look after them.”